Commercial Auto/Trucking Insurance

Your personal car insurance policy doesn’t cover vehicles used by your business, which is why commercial auto coverage is important. If you use vehicles to provide your employees a way to get around, or to move equipment and/or products you need commercial auto insurance. It also protects against traffic accidents, vandalism, theft, or even if an uninsured driver hits your vehicle.

Commercial auto coverage insures against property damage to vehicles and damage caused to others by those vehicles. We can cover any commercial vehicle from business cars, vans, box trucks and tractor trailers, from local to long haul.

Trucking liability insurance provides coverage for damage you may do to others or their vehicles while operating a commercial vehicle. The state of Texas requires those companies that own/operate commercial vehicles that exceed 26,000 pounds carry a minimum limit of liability of $500,000. Trucking companies that operate outside of the state as well, must meet the federal liability requirements of at least $750,000 for liability.

Motor carriers may also cover their vehicles for damage from collisions, as well as occurrences such as theft, vandalism and flood. This type of coverage is called physical damage, and includes collision and comprehensive coverages, or collision and specified causes of loss. Comprehensive coverage covers all types of losses not excluded on the policy, while specified causes of loss only covers the types of losses explicitly name on the policy. Comprehensive coverage provides broader coverage than specified causes of loss. Physical damage coverage can even be purchased for non-owned trailers while they are attached to a covered power unit.

Auto/Truck liability can also include optional coverages of Personal Injury Protection and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists. Personal Injury Protection provides coverages for passengers in your vehicle, for both medical payments and loss of wages, regardless of who is at fault in an accident. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Liability will provide coverage for both damages to your vehicle and bodily injury to passengers, as long as the other party is at fault and either doesn’t carry insurance, doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for all damages done, or even if the accident is caused by a hit and run driver.