Home Health Care

What type of coverage is needed?

Home health care can range from skilled nursing care, to physical or occupational therapy, to home care for assistance with daily living activities.

Providers of home health care not only need general liability coverage, but also professional liability to provide coverage in response to any claims involving an error in professional care.

Besides Property and Workers’ Compensation coverages, Home Health care providers may want:

  • Coverage for Sexual Abuse and Molestation
  • Coverage for HIPAA violations
  • Coverage for Hired and Non-Owned autos – which provides liability coverage for the company when employees use their own vehicles in the business

These and other industry specific coverages are important to properly cover Home Healthcare risks.

Agents at Hunt & Associates, Inc. will help you determine which coverages are most important for your particular type of business, and your options will be discussed with you.  We have numerous carriers that can provide coverages tailored to your industry.

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