Self Storage Facilities

What type of coverage is needed for Self Storage Facilities?

Besides the evident requirements for property insurance, general liability, and workers’ compensation coverages, self- storage facilities need insurance tailored to their needs.

Self- storage facilities are used by their customers to protect their goods.  Damage to customer’s goods that are the fault of the facility can be covered under Customer’s Goods Legal Liability insurance.  Otherwise, the facility may be expected to pay for damages out of pocket.

Another area problems can occur is if the facility has to deal with customers that haven’t paid for their storage, or with goods that have been abandoned.  Coverage to deal with claims for negligent acts if the goods are removed or disposed of can be found under Sale and Disposal Liability.

These and other industry specific coverages are important to properly cover self- storage risks.

Agents at Hunt & Associates, Inc. will help you determine which coverages are most important for your particular type of business, and your options will be discussed with you.

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